Wednesday, January 21, 2009

L.L. Cool K - Hip to Obama

First, props to Aunt Michelle for the new nickname. Perfect timing as I needed a cooler handle to jive with the new administration.

It's been a big few days here in our nation's capitol. While everyone has been scurrying around to catch a glimpse of our new president, i've been sitting back, waiting out the rush, chillin with Nana.
Does it get cooler than this?

Finally we make eye contact...can't wait to hang out now that we're grown up, and show you some of my moves Sam!

What's the deal here? Hmmm...I gotta take notes from my new girlfriend...Cyndi looks awfully fired holiding Sam.

Thank God Nana is coming parents can't take a picture to save their life

YEAH Nana!!!!!!!!!

Daddy loving it up on his credentials at the Inaugural concert.

I stayed home and watched on TV - you tell me that I'm not the sharpest tack in this shed.

This is me. Watching Obama take the oath of office on TV. You can't make this sh** up.