Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Girl Power!!!

Little Logan Lane was 1 month old on the day that her mom started writing this entry. This was meant to be a birthday post and now instead, it's the beginning of a renewed commitment to keep photos of our growing girl coming.

When we talked about this post, Logan advised she'd like it to be dedicated to many of the girls that have shared their ooohs, ahhhs, kisses, couture, and counsel the days past. After all, there's nothing quite like being a girl and LuLu's been the lucky recipient of many role models showing her the early ropes.

So a little late, but better that than it is and stay tuned, we're back on the bus!

Daddy can be in the Girl Power issue only to advise him that in future years he will need to put PRESENTS in my Christmas stocking, not me.

It was about time M-Dub came back from France...where have you been with my fashion plate?

Yo Lisa, how much longer do I have to wait for my playmate? Tell Dylan that I'll share my clothes, but not my hair gel.

As exciting as this is...a girl's gotta get her beauty rest.

F E E E E D me....And while you're at it Nicole, teach my Mom how to give me a bath!

Nothing like Grandma kisses.

Or Mommy kisses!

Smiling at you again soon....